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Team Elimination

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Team Elimination is a Game Mode in Dreadnought which will require teams to carefully and strategically decide their team composition. Team Elimination will give you one life, that's right, only one life so use it well. If you so happen to lose your ship during combat, you will be assigned to a small jet fighter. Its firepower is unknown right now but by the sounds of it, you won't be doing much to aid your team, so don't die!

Elimination is also a five-on-five mode, except it plays out as a best of three rounds. You only get one life at the helm of the typical ship you choose, a ship from one of the five standard classes. If all five players on a team die, the round is lost and the combatants move on to the next one. But there's a twist: When you die, you can respawn at the controls of a fighter jet.

recent known fighter jet is in the picture