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Artillery Cruiser

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Artillery Cruiser.png

The Artillery Cruiser is one of the Assault ships in the Dreadnought Universe.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Artillery Cruiser is the most vulnerable ship in the fleet, but none can match its destructive power. Each Artillery Cruiser is equipped with a long-range rail cannon strong enough to destroy enemy armor from miles away. Shift Energy to weapons to decimate enemy ships with several well-placed shots.

Weapons-Abilities[edit | edit source]

WEAPONS[edit | edit source]

  • Primary Weapon > Heavy Tesla Cannon >Unlimited ammo

Heavy Tesla Cannon deals high damage at long ranges with high accuracy, but a slow fire rate.

  • Secondary weapon > Light Flak Cannon > 10 ammo

ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

NOTICE:Abilities are customized.It depends on how you want to play.The most known are:

  • Ability 1 > Rapid Fire Mode.Active for 6,2 seconds.Cooldown 50 seconds

Redirects all energy to the main weapon, increasing weapon firing rate but leaving no energy for thrusters.

  • Ability 2 > Flechette missiles.Cooldown 35 seconds

artillery cruiser launches missiles that dealing significant damage to the enemy

  • Ability 3 > Heavy Anti-Missile Lasers

shooting with lasers to the enemy incoming missiles

  • Ability 4 > Ome Maneuver.Active 2 seconds.Cooldown 20 seconds

gain high mobility for 2 seconds